Due to the Covid-19 crisis and school closures, we have extended the deadline for pack submissions to April 19th.
We are continuing to accept, review, and approve packs for early release. We are also expediting the processing of cash awards with most payouts within 48 hours of approval.
We're building a collection of the best published packs.
When it's ready, we'll make the collection available to every Plickers teacher so they can browse and discover your content right inside of Plickers.
The Creator Fund will be supporting and rewarding creators who contribute.
Every pack approved for early release will earn a $100 cash award from the Creator Fund.
To submit your public pack, check it fits the early release guidelines then click "Submit for Early Release" inside your pack. All K-12 English-language packs are eligible, and we'll accept submissions through April 19th.
How to get involved
step 1
Submit your packs for Early Release
After you've published your pack, open the pack in Plickers and click the 'Submit for Early Release' button.
step 2
We'll be in touch via email with any changes required
Make sure you've checked your pack meets the guidelines to get it through the approval process as quickly as possible.
step 3
Receive cash awards for each pack approved
We will be distributing cash awards via PayPal.
Early Release Pack Guidelines
To ensure teachers have a fantastic experience discovering great classroom content inside of Plickers, packs for early release must meet the following guidelines:
Focused to a topic
Typically, packs should cover a topic area within a single subject: an entire course is too large in scope, and a single lesson of content is too small. However, provided they are comprehensive, course-review packs will also be considered.
For the given topic area, packs are substantial and complete and contain multiple lessons worth of content. Packs should typically have between 50 and 200 questions.
Useful to teachers everywhere
Packs should be easy to understand and use, with a clear pack title and accurate subject and grade-level information. Packs should not reference or require external sources unless they are widely accessible.
Pack contents are well-organized into clearly defined and well-labelled sets for each subtopic. Except in rare cases, folders and independent questions should be avoided.
High-quality questions
Questions are clear, rigorous, accurate, consistent, and engaging, with visual aids where helpful.
Original and meets Content Policy
Packs contents should be original and meet the Plickers Content Policy, including no objectionable content or copyright infringement.
How and when will cash awards be paid out?
Cash awards will be paid out via PayPal. After your pack has been approved and you have provided your PayPal address, we endeavour to send payments within 7 days.
Are all Plickers Creators eligible to submit a pack?
Generally, yes! Please note that cash awards will be distributed via PayPal, so you must be located in one of 200 countries around the world that support PayPal to receive a cash award. Also see additional detailed eligibility criteria for cash awards at the bottom of the page.
Are there any restrictions on which packs are eligible?
All packs must be in English language and target K-12 grade-levels.
Pack subject cannot be "Other", although e.g., "Science Other" is okay! Unfortunately, we are unable to review packs in other languages, or packs that exclusively target staff training or higher-education.
Note that existing packs are eligible to be submitted, as are packs with cash awards from the February Creator Fund round.
Each creator can earn up to a maximum of $1,000 in cash awards for early release packs.
How do I become a Plickers Creator?
To become a Plickers Creator, all you have to do is click "Publish Pack" from one of your packs. When you try to publish your first pack, you will be guided through the process to become a Plickers Creator.
I have a great pack, but it doesn't meet the guidelines. What should I do?
If you think you have a high-quality pack that would be useful to Plickers teachers but doesn't meet the guidelines, email us a link to your published pack at help@plickers.com and we will be in touch!
How do I know if my pack has been approved?
After you submit your pack, we'll review it and contact you via email to let you know if your pack has been approved, or if any changes are required. If changes are required, make those changes and email us, and we'll review your pack again.
Why does my pack have to meet the early release guidelines?
We want to offer a fast, easy experience for all Plickers teachers to discover great packs inside of Plickers. To do this, we've designed the guidelines so that teachers everywhere can quickly work out if a pack is suitable for their classroom and trust that the content inside is high-quality, accurate, and ready-to-use.
I don't see an option to submit my pack.
Packs that do not meet the eligibility requirements may not see the "Submit for Early Release" button. Double-check your pack language, subject, and grade-levels are correctly set. Send an email to help@plickers.com if you have any issues.
When do I have to submit my pack by?
Submit your pack by 11:59pm PT on April 19th 2020 to be eligible for a $100 cash award.
Are you still giving cash awards for classroom usage?
For now, we will only be giving cash awards for packs that are approved for early release. We expect to resume usage-based awards in the future.
Who can I contact for more information?
If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to drop us an email at help@plickers.com
Cash awards are only available to individuals (not organizations), who are at least age 18 and at least the age of majority in jurisdiction of residence, with a valid PayPal account, who are national or legal residents of a jurisdiction where the laws of the United States or local law do not, in a program such as this, prohibit participating or receiving payment or in which the United States has not embargoed goods (residents of any country designated by the United States Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control are not eligible), and who are not an employee, officer, director, representative, or agent of Plickers or any entity involved in administering this program.